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Ceramic sculpture and handmade fiber carpet , 2015

Every single corn looks similar.

But when I put them in popcorn machine and let them for a while, they bloom in a subtly different shape.

We people are same.

We are all from a small seed. Everybody stayed around 10 months in mother but they all have their own specialists.

Popped corms are roughly called 'popcorn'. However, if you look closely, each looks different. People are same. We're roughly called as 'people', 'man or woman'or 'twenties' but every story isn't same.  All have their own possibilities as well.

So I'd like to give an opportunity that a single popped corn could be spotlighted like a star on a red carpet. It led me to make ceramic popcorn sculptures, which is over 1.6ft in diameter. Ceramic has a power that could fix the time of sculptures. Real popcorns and human-beings would wither as time flows. But these ceramic popcorns were born into immortal beings.


I made the carpet by my hand and it's designed from a typical popcorn box.

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