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Business idea and Branding, 2021

It starts from a monthly subscription box of sanitary products.

Customers can try different sanitary products, find a perfect fit, and put them in a box. The business is to help people whoever have a period in their life. 

I wanted the brand to be fashionable to carry around. Not shy to show or to be found with. I believe that finally it will change people's attitudes.

Naming inspiration





final kama logos-03.png

It means comma (,) in Tamil.

[ Kama, ] can make period comma.

final kama logos-02.png

Logo construction

kama square-05.png
kama typeface-07.png


Speak up, Neutral, New generation

I used Parabole for main typeface and logo to identify brand identity. Comma itself can be an iconic symbol.

Color guide

Main colors

Sub color