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Work as an Assistant Editor

Magazine  <CASA LIVING>, 2018


These are not my design works but I assisted to make these articles as an assistant editor in a magazine CASA LIVING, Korea.

1 New-tro

First four layouts are for an article which is about 'New-tro' trend. 'New-tro' is a compound word of new and retro.

This was a big trend of culture including living, fashion and everywhere in Korea.

-Trend research about New-tro.

-Contacted with every agency, company and designer to get their sponsorship to this article and managed plans to take the photo shooting.

-Assisted photo shoots in a studio.

Editor Sohyun Kim

Photographer  Suyeon Lee

Assistant Editor So Youn Chun

2 Rug Decorations

Next 6 layouts are for another article which is about rug decorations. It was on November 2019 issue magazine.


-Trend research and contacted with every agency, company and designer

-Managed documents/data and photos.

Editor Minji Kwon

Assistant Editor So Youn Chun

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